Saturday, November 17, 2007

Since you're gone... (The Cars)

"Life has been strange, since you're gone."

It has been a strange few weeks and I'm sorry to those who check this regularly. Jeanise has summed it up rather well... severall times... this week. "It's basketball season." Sad, but true.

We've played all 6 of our scrimmages and now it's just polish time until we tip-off on Nov. 30th. We're actually playing a school who's coach was offered my job before it was offered to me. Aught to be interesting... We've been playing very well, defensively... but offense has been our heel. But, I think that we're going to start putting things together to make the things happen that need to happen. Was that coded or what?

Well... guess I'll go watch the rest of the OU massacre. Poor Sam...

BTW... can you say 8 & 0!!!!?!?!?!?!