Monday, December 17, 2007

Ya' just gotta go slow, I guess...

Last week was definitly a tough one weather-wise. We were out of "activities" for about 3 days... and there are still some in OK without power and haven't had it since LAST SUNDAY! It's pretty tough.


Joel: "Daddy, what's that white stuff?"
Daddy: "Joel, that's snow and ice."
Joel: "Daddy! Green grass makes the snow grow!"

Just gotta laugh at that one...

Well... It's been about 3 weeks since we started off our season. We're 0-4, but have been in every game that we've played. We've lost 2 that we shouldn't have lost, and 2 that we let get away from us. We're all pretty disappointed with our start and have to do some things differently. I'm hopeful that we can make those adjustments in the next several weeks and start seeing some success when we come back from Christmas.

Jeanise is relieved that the choir concert is now over. It was yesterday evening and it was very nice. Mom and Dad, and I went and sat together. I saw a man who is a legend at OC... he was a professor of music there... Dr. Harold Fletcher. I don't know how old he really is, but he's just going strong... probably in his 70's or 80's. Anyway, when I showed up to the lobby, I found my parents talking with him and saying hello. Then when I showed up, he was, "Mike, it's good to see you. How have you been?" Here is someone who I don't see very often... but ALWAYS remembers my name. I wish that I had that gift to remember everyone's name that I have come in contact with over my lifetime. He's a wonderful man and very brilliant. It was great to get to see and talk with him. But I was just amazed that he remembered my name... I guess with a wife with a strange name like JEANISE (ha ha j/k)... you'd have to remember an easy name like Mike, huh? :-)

Last week of school before break! Better get there. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's been too long

Sorry that it's been almost a month since I posted last. Basketball season is in full swing now, and I've been gone quite a bit.

We started out 0-2... not the start I wanted, but it's been good. We lost by 2 points in our first game. We were a little nervous and didn't shoot the ball well. Then last Tuesday, we played the number 4 team in class 5A and lost by 11. We were down 3 with 4:00 left, but just could close the deal. But to play them as well as we did, says something about our girls. We have a game tomorrow night, but we've got this nasty ice-storm that's hit us, and it may cancel our game. The other team just came off a 3 game tournament, so they've got to be a little tired. We've been rested, so we should have a bit of an advantage. However, this ice may blow that theory. We have our DC Festival this weekend... Friday, Saturday... should be interesting.

Kids are doing well. Lindsay is really talking quite a bit more than she did. She's pretty funny. Joel got a good report from his teacher last week. She wants to move him to the afternoon program (which means that he's doing better and ready to advance on). She said that he was pretty much telling the other kids what/how to do things and that he was ready to move into an environment where he wasn't so (I guess) bossy. :-) I'm glad that he's making progress, but not so glad that he's being bossy. But then... that's a 4 year old for ya'.

Jeanise took a part-time job at Kohl's. She's working some nights as a person who changes the ads in the store. It's her favorite place to shop, so she get's a great discount and it even has benefits! So that's pretty cool and will save us some money. It's taken her some time to get used to it (as is me), but she seems to enjoy it.

Gotta see what the kiddos are doing. I'm home from school (due to the ice) and it'll be nice to have a day off (actually, I need to do some school work).