Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Tricky...

It's been a pretty tough few days over here. Lindsay has had this little cough-thing all during the weekend, which means that mommy and daddy didn't get a whole lot of sleep. Thankfully, I could let Jeanise sleep in a little on Saturday since she was up off and on with Lindsay.

Joel is really liking his new school... his teachers... and his classmates. He's coming home everyday with something new that he learned! We are just so thankful and blessed that God has been watching over him and his situation and know that Joel is just about to turn the corner with his communication. In the last week or so (maybe longer, but I'm not home during the day) Joel has become more of an older brother... a BOSSY older brother. For the most part, he's looking out for Lindsay, but the other side of him is .... well... bossy. Sometimes it's good... sometimes it's not so good. The other night, Jeanise was out with her mom and I had just finished cooking the kids their dinner. While I was thinking about what I was going to have, Joel says to Lindsay, "Lindsay, let's pray for our food." Lindsay then drops her fork on to her tray, and they both put their hands together while Joel said his little prayer from church. It was really cute and it was a candid moment.
Lindsay, is just a little character. Joel likes to quiz her about animal sounds... I was quizing her on colors the other night. "Lindsay, what color is your shirt (orange shirt)?" "Orange!"... "Lindsay, what color are the flowers (yellow)?" "Orange!"... "No Lindsay, they're Yellow" REPEAT QUESTION... "Orange!" By this time, I'm laughing and she knows that she's funny. A friend of the family heard what was going on and said, " Sounds like you have an OSU fan." THERE YA' GO SHANE! :-) She's also into the buckles on her high chair at grandma Wynn's house. She'll buckle them (but can't undo them) and says, "Ba-gain?" It's really funny at first, but after about the 20th time (she can go on for hours) we have to rotate to another person. Last night, I tried to convince Joel to show Lindsay how to do it. That a-way dad! Pass that on to your son! :-)

Gotta get to school early today. Have a great week!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Green ThumB?

I don't know where it happened... my Grandma Stout won all sorts of gardening awards and was in some garden club. My Mom is Mrs. Horticulturist and always has the best looking flower beds (I've even participated in those a bit). Then there's me... I've been lucky if I can/could keep anything alive much less, looking beautiful. Mom used to have Bob and I pull weeds during the summer vacation. It was work, let me tell you, and we would have rather had our appendix out or a root canal than pull weeds. But, when she knew how much we loved it... she knew that she was going to have to bribe us BIGTIME! SHe paid us pretty good... $5 back then was great... but I never got over the weed pulling thing. So... now, we have these really pretty flowers in our flower bed at the house. But they've been all over run by that stupid clover. I knew it was there... just didn't want to have to pull any weeds! I'm not a big gardener like grandma, mom, or even my father-in-law (who by the way comes from a long line of gardeners--I'm surrounded!)... but I really didn't want to deal with. Let's just till it in a couple of months and let the snow kill it all!?!?! Nope. So anyway, I told Jeanise that I'd go to home depot and get a tool to help me control the bermuda grass and pull these weeds. I walked out of there with some really pretty mums. I was outside for about 2 hours working that flower bed. Not too shabby, but it still just isn't my thing...

Here's a picture of the kids at Joel's 4 year old b-day party. I love how Joel and Lindsay love eating together. They're so cute.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Not enough grace here... but it's AMAZING!

You've GOT to see this for yourself! Fortunately, I saw this after I led service this last Sunday. Although, I did start a song a step or 2 too high. But I made it. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I miss you like crazy!

Well... after 3 days of solitude, the family is on their way back. Jeanise, the kids, Steve & Lisa all traveled down to Alberqueque, NM this weekend to visit John (Jeanise's brother), Mary, and their kids. It also happens to be Balloon Fiesta weekend. Although, they didn't get to see much because it was very windy and they had to cancel a lot of the events due to wind (ya know... balloons and wind don't mix very well).

Anyway, they're on their way back and I'm ready for them to be home. It's too quiet around here and it really makes me value my family and that time a lot more.

Ok... so now it's time to go cook dinner (aka microwave something).

Friday, October 05, 2007

Du... du... du... dat... du... dah! CHARGE!



This is Robert W. (W for Jason)... he was my substitute teacher on NERD DAY for our homecoming spirit week. He did a pretty good job, but the kids really thought he was weird. He had all of these really weird quirks... humming while he was thinking... walking funny, short tie... matted down hair... the WORKS. Needless to say... a nerd.

Just had to share what kind of spirit I have for my school!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hit me with your best shot

We are off and running! Yesterday was the first Official day of practice. Basketball has begun! Last night, I had a later in the evening practice and had the freshman come out and have an opportunity to practice with the varsity girls... to see what it's like. They stepped right in and held their own. Granted... they have some way to go... but I was proud of them for not looking so scared. We did a lot in 2 hours and then had a small party afterwords. It was nice... until...

... I get out to the parking lot... I'm the last one on CAMPUS!... and my battery is dead on my truck. AH! This was almost as bad as when it was summer... 10:00 pm... and I locked my keys in the middle school building... with my cell phone in my locked truck! I was having flash-backs. But lucky for me, my cell phone was with me and I called my assistant coach, who lives close, to come and help. I got 'er jumped and then I was on my way.

We're off to a great start this season... but as much as I enjoyed being there... I really missed my family. I didn't get to see Lindsay at all yesterday... Joel was only up for about 10 minutes so that we can celebrate our little event (I'll let Jeanise tell you about that one). And then Jeanise and I got to watch a little bit of TV before I fell asleep on the couch. Last night was a unique time... and hopefully, we'll get back on schedule today.

Have a great week!