Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I went and played golf today at Kelly Plantation... which was created by Fred Couple off the PGA tour. It was a VERY nice place to play and I enjoyed it A LOT! Shot an 84 and that was without cheating and only 1 mulligan used. I felt pretty good about that. I didn't take any pictures, though, and am regretting not taking any.

FUNNY STORY: So before we started to play, the course Marshall (guy who tells you when you can start) was telling me and the 2 other guys I played with about the course.... yardages, rules for the carts, etc. Then... the last instruction that he gave us was, "watch out for the snakes and the alligators. You can go." I was like, "well I was with you until the snakes and alligators thing was said." Needless to say, I didn't see any of either (YEA!) but it didn't mean that they weren't stalking me. :-) Today I had some really good shots and some lucky ones that for SOME reason were still playable. I wasn't going to argue though. I'll try and have pictures of the next place I will be playing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I write the songs...

I'm starting to lose some of the creativity of choosing song titles for titles for my blogging. Too bad that I can't just write a song, so that I have a blog title, huh? THERE! Now this all fits... and now (as they say)... the REST of the story...

Summer has been very mild for OK... mid 80's and low 90's, which is great! It's probably due to all the rain that we've had (to make up for the last several years, I suppose). But nonetheless, I'm not complaining.

The kids are doing well. Here's a picture of Joel who has this fascination with rolley-polleys. He just loves watching them walk around and talks to them. It's kinda cute. Last Sunday night, our church reserved about 2 hours at a water park here in Edmond, for a post-VBS party. It was a lot of fun and the kids did great in the water! They had a lot of fun. Here's a picture of us in the shallow end (pay NO attention to the beached whale between the two kids!) ha ha.

Did you happen to take notice of the NO DIVING SIGN right behind us? We're in about 1 foot of water, maybe less. Sad that they HAVE to put that on there, huh?

I start back to school on the 13th! Can't believe that it's coming up so quickly! Well... need to get the morning started!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer time!

It has been a couple of weeks since I've posted... so let's catch up.

On the 6th and 7th... we took the van (and the family) over to Missouri and met my parents at the Starvy Creek Bluegrass festival. Mom and dad took their 5th-wheel and we got to stay with them. It was good to see my grandma, uncle Mike and aunt Sharon, and my cousin Elizabeth. The kids seemed to have a good time... but didn't stay to listen to the music, like we thought they would. I think that it was just too loud for Joel... interesting. We had a rough night in the camper, though. The new place just HAD to be explored by 2 little, curious minds and they tested their mommy and daddy until about 2:30 am! It was a fun trip though and Joel especially enjoyed the site tractor that dragged a buggy behind and gave everyone rides around the park.

Haven't been doing much basketball-wise since the team camp. The girls have the month off and I dabble in a few things here and there... trying to get ready for the season. But I'm trying to take some time off as well.

Steve and Lisa bought them a RV last weekend... it's really nice. I believe that it's about 24 feet and it's nice for taking trips. Kids can sleep in the back if they wanted/needed to, I suppose... or more to the point if mommy or daddy wanted/needed to sleep they could. We left Sunday after church and drove it to Roman Nose State Park for a quick-trip. It was a nice ride and the kids did pretty well (until the N0-Nap thing kicked in with 20 minutes left of the trip).

What's going on this week? Well, we're hoping to go to the zoo... play some golf (mostly for me)... and do some other outside 'stuff' before we take off for a vacation.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, July 02, 2007

This is after our final game (8 in 3 days) at our ORU team camp. The 11 girls that I took (plus my assistant coach) wanted to eat somewhere before we made the trek home. This is our table at Red Robin... great food... but check them out! They all have their cell phones out and are non-stop texting! It was so funny that it was picture worthy. We had a good team camp... played some very competitive teams... and finished our summer on a good note. Ready for next season though... sorry Jeanise.

Jeanise had her lasik eye surgury touch-up today and while she slept, I took the kids to McD's... where else would I take 'em? Anyway, I thought that these pictures were funny. Joel was mazmerized by the video games. Not sure if he's REALLY playing, but I believe that he is. Whatever the case... he's in deep concentration.

This kid was just enthralled about Lindsay! From the moment he stepped into the play-place he went right over to Lindsay and wanted to kiss her. It was funny. And my daughter (I'm proud to say) walked away! THAT'S RIGHT>>> SHE'S NEVER KISSING ANY BOYS! :-) Anyway, this kid kept following her and trying to play with her and of course, Lindsay had her own agenda. Plus... it wasn't too long after this picture that daddy discovered that Lindsay was packing something in her trunk. And daddy told the kids that he wasn't taking a diaper bag because he didn't think that he'd need it. You would think that after the last 2 times that I did do that, that I had learned my lesson.