Saturday, April 25, 2009


WOW! The Oklahoma weather is ridiculous this time of year. For the last several weeks, it's been nice... cold... nice... freezing/snow... hot... cold... hot... I mean COME ON! My flowers in the front flower beds that I planted during spring break are just in shock! The grass isn't sure what to do... come out, or go back to sleep?
Baseball is going well. We've been at it pretty hard since Spring break. There was a stretch there for a about 2 1/2 weeks where we played almost every night! That was tough... then came our 1 1/2 week layoff due to no games or cancellations because of weather. We're back on track, it seems, and we finish off next week with 4 games. NO WAIT! There's supposed to be rain in OKC for the next 10 days!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Guess that gives me more time at home, right? So there IS a bright side.
End of school is approaching... can you believe it? This has been a good year and I've thouroughly enjoyed my new school. Looks like I've got my June and July nailed down... June is basketball camps/leagues month... and July will be me teaching my first year of summer school. Not a bad deal, really.... hopefully it goes fast.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ain't no mountain high enough...

WHOA! Been a while, hasn't it? Well, let's see here... Well, our varsity basketball team went to the state tournament, but lost in the quarter-finals. It was a great ride and it was really cool to play in Llyod Noble (OU's home floor). Pretty nifty... Then, Spring Break came. It was a good week of really just nothing. I had a list of stuff to do and I got most of my things done. I felt rather accomplished. As soon as we got back from break, it was right into Freshman baseball. We've had a game ALMOST every day in the last couple of weeks. It's enough to wear you out... but this is a pretty good group of kids and we're doing pretty well. We just came back from a tournament this weekend and went 2-2. Not bad, but we should have done better than we did. We still have some ways to go.

So... on the bus ride home I had a "flashback" (silly Wayne's World music here). Funny how some of the very first lessons that you had as a child come back to you. I remember the very first baseball practice I had in 2nd grade. We were in a field... not a baseball field, but a field at a school. "Where's the diamond?!?!?! We are going to play on a real diamond, right?" That' was a good one. But I'll never forget our first lesson... hitting. We took our right hand and stuck it into the backs of our pants and brought our left arm out in front of our right shoulders. Then Coach Welch (still even remember his name) took us through our step, swing... steps and that was pretty much it for hitting. Didn't even pick up a bat (which I thought was odd at the time, but now that I'm a coach... not a bad move). So I say that to say... when we were struggling with our hitting today this was the image I thought of. Going back to this one little drill that I remember, may be "old-school" but it may help some of the guys out. Not sure... but I thought that it was interesting that I remembered it.

Oh! Yes, kids are doing well and Jeanise is doing well too. :-) Joel had a friend spend the night last night and that went better than I thought it would. Our little boy, ain't so little anymore. AND... he got enrolled into Kindergarten for next year! AH!!!!! We're getting older...