Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ya do a lota thinkin' when doin' yard work...

It really never fails... for as long as I can remember, I do some of my best thinking when I'm mowing or working in the yard (well, maybe not my best, but I do think a lot when I'm out there). I remember years ago, thinking about what I'd say to a friend when I saw him after he left his wife... I remember coming up with plays for basketball season or what I'd say in a practice... I'd even have conversations with people, well actually, I have "pre-conversations" so that I have practiced things before I say them. It's weird... but does anyone else do that? Anyway, Saturday (yesterday), I mowed the lawn... which means an hour and 1/2 of thinking and then today (Sunday) I continued where I left off. I remember doing this a long time ago... junior high or high school... and wondering "what will the girl look like that I marry; what will she be like; or even, will I every get married?" and then moving on to "will I have kids; how many; will there be one of each, 2/3 boys, 2/3 girls; how many will my wife want; will I get divorced; what will I do about the kids..." and on and on it went about my overall future. Guess you could say that I was a worrier, because I really WORRIED about these things. My clearest "I wonder what..." moment was sitting in my dorm room in 1990 and wondering where I'd be 5 and 10 years from now... and I wonder what my 20th high school reunion would be like (if we even had one--Japan high school, ya' know). Then in 1995, I answered that question... "Still in college, married to Jeanise, and finally focusing on school." Then in 2000, I answered... "well, you're a pretty successful teacher and a high school coach. Not bad." I guess that it's fun to look back and answer some of those questions.
Now you're probably asking yourself, "Ok Mike, this is just weird." Well, I looked back at what was going on when I first started on this blog site. Joel was very young, and Lindsay was in transit. So while I was working in my flower-beds (THANKS MOM FOR THAT GENE) I started thinking about what kind of ten year old Joel would be; will he get in trouble a lot; will he have friends; will the girls like him... that kind of stuff. Then I started thinking about the example that he sees in me... will he grow up to be like me (Phillips, Craig & Dean song-I wanna Be Just Like You was playing on my mp3 player) and am I someone that looks up to. Do I do things right? That kind of stuff. Then, when I've finished watering all of my plants... I get my answer to all of them... "Don't worry about it. God is going to take care of everything."
SOOOOOO, on a funny note. Lindsay was watching me look at emails on my computer, when she found a penny or a nickel sitting on my desk. She quickly grabbed the money and took off. When I asked her what she had, she said, "I go put my money in the piggy bank." So those of you with teen-age girls... is this the way it works? :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Too much fun with Photoshop

This is just too funny. I was talking with a coaching friend of mine while he was looking thru a catalog of videos that we occassionally buy from. We began to joke around about the fact that Kelvin Sampson's videos were on sale. So I decided to come up with my own videos!

The Waiting Game...

Mom and Dad could both attest to this... as a child, I HATED waiting. For anything! I can rememeber mom telling me that I "needed to be patient and wait"... or "why are you in such a hurry?... just wait." You'd think that after #% years of growing up, that I'd be better or have more control of the waiting situation. It's a tough battle for me as an adult.

I hypothetically ask myself, "I wonder what kind of kid Joel is going to be when he's a teen?" or "I wonder who is going to marry and steal my little girl away from me when she's 25 years old?" HA HA !! I don't know if it's the unknown that just eats at me, or just the fact that I want to know and know now.

As for this possible new position, I still have not heard and am in a holding pattern to wait. It's tough, because I know that I'm wanted at this new place, but the wheels of finalizing are just not turning fast enough (for me). It's been tough seeing all of my coaching friends in their off-season programs, preparing for their future and putting in the time... just like I should have been doing this year. Well, I'm feeling a bit outside looking in and it's tough, because I've been very active in our off-season for the last 3 years... I SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING SOMEWHERE! And then it all comes back to the waiting.

I've learned that God wants us to have faith... and sometimes waiting is a part of that. At times I sit back, and when I take a breath, I realize that this is probably my "recovery time" from what I've had to go thru these last 2 years and just get my bearings back on reality and what's important. I've enjoyed playing with Joel and Lindsay when I get home from school (picking them up at school is just a joy and seeing them run to me). I enjoy my TV Shows time and wife time with Jeanise at nights, and not thinking in the back of my head about basketball. It's kinda nice.

"Good things come to those who wait." God has been faithful with that. When I've trusted in him, waited... good things have come my way and doors are opening.

I guess that I needed to write this so that I could remind myself over and over this lesson and re-read it when I go back to impatient-mode. :-)

BTW... GO CELTICS! I've waited since 1987 for them to have this kind of success... that's good, isn't it?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Not exactly the best title to use, but it fits (sadly). Last Wednesday, I resigned from my coaching position at school... still have my teaching spot, but won't be coaching girls basketball anymore. This was really tough for me to swallow, but it was a decision that came highly "advised" by my administrators. They felt that the kids just weren't going to follow my lead and buy into what I was doing. I don't doubt, though, that there was more to it. I had some very supportive parents and some very good kids... but there are some parents who just don't get it and think that they know everything. It's sad and I just hope that I'm not one of those crazy parents who's going to cause a stink that my son or daughter isn't playing or getting the playing time they deserve. It just chaps me to think about it and to have to deal with it.
But that said... I'm 'looking' and 'keeping my eyes open' for that next door that God is going to open for me. He's always been watching over me and always has been faithful.