Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You don't what you've got... 'til it's gone. (Cinderella--Long Cold Winter)

It's here AGAIN! Ice! We had our make-up Consolation Finals of a tournament from 3 weeks ago that was post-poned due to our last ice storm! Mother nature just doesn't want this tournament to finish... BUT... she DOES want us to play all of our 3 games as scheduled! Go figure that one...

... Anyway if a 5 game losing streak wasn't enough (6, after today's loss)... we lost our only returning senior-starter in today's game. She was going up for a shot on the baseline and a defender tied up her shot and WACKED her really hard on her other (left) hand. Call: JUMP BALL... Bad call... because she was in tears and trying to hold her hand up (this girl DOESN'T complain about being hurt at all--so this was a big deal). Diagnosis: She had an MRI or an X-ray done... broken hand in 3 places! OUCH! I felt so badly for her... she's a great young lady and plays so hard... not to mention that she's done so well this season, I hated for her to go this way. We won't know for sure about her future until probably tomorrow, but it's not looking good. I told the other girls that someone (or someones) was going to have to step up! We'll see what happens...

In other news... Lindsay and Joel are starting to act like their normal selves after having the "junk" for the last few days. Last night, I don't think that Joel even went to sleep! I checked in on him at 10:15 before I went to bed... he was in bed, in the sleeping position, but not sleeping. Then later in the evening, I heard him coughing and playing with one of his toys. THEN!!!!! From 2:00 am (yes AM!) until about 5:00 he came into our bedroom and was ready for the morning. Had to put him in bed a couple of times, then I just decided... "HEY! Why don't you watch Disney at 4!" When my alarm went off at about 5:45 this morning, Jeanise and I went to check on him... AND THAT TURKEY WAS SLEEPING! ah!!!!!!!! Lindsay woke up a few times too. Hopefully they'll both stay asleeep tonight.

On a funner note: Lindsay was walking from Jeanise to me for about 10 minutes tonight! It was pretty cool! She was so funny and thought it was some game. Then Joel wanted to get involved and then it was just halarious. She's been getting around the house with this little plastic chair that she pushes in front of her everywhere... we knew that it was only a matter of time before she started the walking thing.

Gonna get back to TV with the wife... L8r.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Long Cold Winter (Cinderella)

January has been really cold around here... people (including me) getting sick. Weather on top of all of the cheering I do from the sidelines/practices... I really haven't had a voice in 2 weeks. Things (vocally) are starting to come back to normal... JUST IN TIME for tomorrow night's game and 3 tournament games this weekend! HO!

Today's practice was fun for me. What started out as a "let's get pumped and back to the grindstone" kind of practice turned into an offensive filled gusher! While trying to take a nap yesterday, I was dozing to the SMU vs. Tulsa women's basketball game. I saw a play I liked... wrote it down (before I forgot it) and then fell asleep. So I put it in today... drew it up for the girls... and they ran it well (eventually). Then I thought... "hm... let's do this with that" and then it went "now how about an option with 2 cutters"... and then POOF! I had 3 set plays! I was so excited and the girls enjoyed watching me develop all of these on the board. It was cool. I'm not real good at coming up with offenses, but in the last 4 months, I've really started to put some things together that are really working for us.

In the famous words of Hanibal from the A-team... "I just love it when a plan comes together!"


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back in the saddle again... NOT!

Still the ice and the horrible roads remain. Thursday school is cancelled AGAIN, which means that we're probably not having practices or games like are scheduled. It's been kinda' nice to have this break... but we just had one and I'm ready to get back into a groove with school again. Why couldn't this wait until after Spring Break when we don't have a holiday or vacation until school ends! Now, it's looking like we'll miss some of our extra snow make-up days.

I had a really nice article in the Edmond Sun about my team... wanted to share.

Well.. back to family. Lindsay surprised me tonight with 4 steps on her own! Missed the photo op.... sorry...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let it ICE... Let it ICE... Let it ICE

Monday... Tuesday... and now TOMORROW! We've been closed for school. It's not a bad thing, though. It's been nice staying home with the family ... sleeping in a bit... getting to take an afternoon nap on occassion. But we all know that we'll have to make it all up in the end; whether it's during "other days off" or tacked on to the end of school (UGH!). Either way, it's been nice staying home and trying to fight off this allergy/cold thing that I've come up with. It kinda' started a few weeks ago, when I didn't have a voice left after our Home game on the 5th. And my voice just never seemed to recover... which means, getting sick is creeping up next. Needless to say, still don't have much of a voice and I'm still a little congested. But hopefully by Thursday it'll all be gone... or at least leaving!

Now on to the more... regretful news... I took out a pilar at the mall! Sad part... I was parked and going into reverse. Let me explain: I had just dropped the kids and Jeanise off at the pull-thru at the mall (so it's not like I was even driving when I did this!). A car had pulled in front of me by the time I got back into the van. They were parked smack-dab in the middle so I could pull around them... and I waited about 5 seconds... no movement or any sign of getting out by anybody in the car... so I decided to back out of the pull-thru. As I'm pulling out, I don't see anything in my passenger mirror until the back-up sensor goes off. I'm thinking, "that's weird why is it?... BAM" Oops... didn't see the 3 foot high, cement pilar sticking out of the ground. Thought I was clear and that all was left was street... NOPE. Needless to say, the passenger side rear doesn't look as new as it did. I felt bad... not to mention seeing the look on Jeanise's face when... Oh ... that's right, she was pulling into the doors of the mall when she heard the thud. So I did see the look on her face! It was probably worse than the look on mine. Well... now we have to go get that fixed. And it wasn't even a snow/ice accident! That'll be coming out of my lawn mowing money in the summer! :-)

Be safe! (or safer than me)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Speechless (Steven Curtis Chapman)

OK... I had written a really long posting about everything that I had done (or lack thereof) over the holiday and about transitioning back to school... my team, etc. and then blogspot erased it! WHile I was trying to post a picture, I hit the logo and lost it all.

So, here's the short version of it... you just read it! :-)

and here's the logo...

More later...