Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let the good times roll (The Cars)

Ok... so tonight... Pre-season and my Redskins are getting beat and my Mets are trying not to have a repeat performance of last year's choking.
Been in school alittle over a week and I'm still liking it. It's been a real challenge with the subject change, but I've got good people who I work with and have given me some great advice and have also been there to support the decisions that I've made. I'm feeling pretty good today... yesterday, however, I had 4 out of 35 kids pass an Algebra 1 quiz (review of last year's stuff). That was disappointing, but can be fixed. Basketball is going well. It's been going late (which isn't the most beneficial for picking up the kids), but hopefully it'll get better now that tryouts are over... yea!
Getting ready for that 3 day break and I'm looking forward to it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The first of many

The first week at my new school (well, first 3 days) went pretty well. Here's some "it's toughs"... for my first week.
First of all, it's tough to get back into the routine... even if you've been at a school for some time.
Second, it's tough to get into the routine of a new schedule.
Third, it's tough to get into a new subject area that you haven't taught in quite a while.
Fourth, it's tough to get into the niche of how things go and how people operate at a new school.
Finally, it's tough to have to do lunch duty again. :-)
All-in-all, it's been a good week. I was definitely ready for the weekend though. On Friday, the coaches scrimmaged the boys. We played from 2:40 until I left around 4:30 (they were still playing when I left). Needless to say, the coaches never lost! Now is that to say that the coaches are just that good? or that the players just aren't up to the ability as the coaches? Don't know. All I know is... I WAS PRETTY DARNED NEAR DEAD when I got home. I did have to take a couple of games off. Just not in shape... PERIOD! I was winded and tired... still took some really good shots (a 3 pointer to win the 4th one over a 6'7" kid coming at me) and got some really good rebounds. The tools are there... just a tad too rusty. :-) It's going to be a good year.

Friday, August 15, 2008

In Moments Like These...

Well... this last week has just been a whirlwind, but it all came out in the end. For the last 2 days, I've been in teacher professional development, training, getting-to-know-you stuff, etc. and it has been a blast. I commented to a couple of teachers today that I don't think that I've had as much fun or have ever seen a faculty have so much fun going over the faculty handbook since I've been teaching. We played games, had contests, and a few other things to keep the fact that we HAD to be there more fun and enjoyable.
As I walked out of the building today around 3:45 I just thanked God for blessing me and allowing me to be at the school that I am and that I pray that he use me in the position to glorify Him and to be a light to those who come around me. I have a lot to do... the person who occupied my room last year, just moved his stuff out today, so I'm already behind the 8 ball and will probably have to go in sometime this weekend to at least move my stuff into the room. Lucky for me that I only live about 5 minutes away from the building. :-)
I was pretty tired today when I came home... have to get used to the teaching thing and standing up kinda of thing again. That's ok... I've had 3 months of rest. :-P

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shall we gather at the river?

After days like this, you always come out of it with something that you've learned.
1. I am NOT in control of my life... GOD IS!
2. Don't be pridefull.
3. Pride leads to being too cocky
4. Being to cocky eventually leads to disappointment
5. Disappointment leads to bitterness
6. Bitterness leads to being moody and no-one wants to be around you.
7. Being moody leads you to your knees.
8. Getting to your knees leads you back to #1... and maybe you'll take a different road next time.
Today, I reported to Deer Creek teacher meetings... waiting to hear from Santa Fe's principal. I didn't hear anything until about 12:30 today, that the math teacher DID resign officially. Now I just had to do my part... resigning from DC. So now it's official... I have resigned and am waiting for them to fill my position (they had a business interview 30 minutes ago). So I think that I'm secure. I'll write more later, but I am so relieved right now... and know that when I get out of the way and let God do His work, things always work out the way they're supposed to. Gotta go celebrate! Thanks for all of the prayers!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Funny before bed...

Jeanise has me hooked on this site:
I found a word that describes me! I'm not a big fan of soccer... I played 1 year (3rd grade) and coached 1 year of HS boys. They're just a different breed of cat... but anyway, I found this definition (sorry for you soccer people whom I offend... but oh well).

anti-foot adj. Describes a person or group that actively dislikes soccer (football), particularly the France 98 World Cup tournament.

Example Citation:
"Thousands of football-haters have teamed up in 'Anti-Foot' cells dedicated to resistance, ridicule and escape from the World Cup fever sweeping France."—Susannah Herbert, "World Cup widows join the French resistance," The Daily Telegraph

Daddy day... part 2

[Sorry Grandma... this one has a bunch of pictures] On Friday, I took Joel for his Daddy-Day. We went to breakfast (McDonalds) and then Joel went over to Grandma Morton's house to play. Grandma taught Joel a new game... Go Fish. And Suprise, Suprise... he won. He's pretty good at games. Mom and I are going to just have to team up on him someday. After Grandma's, I took Joel to the Firefighter Museum in OKC. It was pretty neat, but you really couldn't touch anything inside, and Joel wasn't too thrilled about it. But he listened to the guy showing the group around and then we got to go off on our own. Here are some pictures:

He did a good job. The museum had just finished (the prior week) adding a fire-house-like playground outside. Joel liked to run around and check out all of the things. He really liked the slides.

On the job front... no new news really. Just waiting for the phone call from the new school letting me know if they've received the teacher's resignation letter yet. As soon as that happens, I'm sending my letter to my school. I decided last Friday to just wait it out. It's better that I have a job either way, than to resign and HOPE for something to maybe happen. Have to do the responsible thing and to think of my family first. Just hope that I get a call soon... I'd hate to get that call in the middle of my meetings tomorrow. But I think that's what is going to happen. Oh well...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bobby Murcer

My mom and I attended the funeral for Bobby Murcer today. It was the most moving funeral I have ever been to. Memorial Rd. Church was almost completely filled with people and the 2 hour service was a celebration of this man's life. A very down-to-earth person who didn't have a bad word for anyone. After 62 years, he's now on heaven's team. A smile that never quit. A celebrity who wouldn't allow himself to be thought of as one. A kind word. An Okie in an Yankee uniform. As I sat there for the 2 hour duration, I just thought of the things that I could do in my life that were demonstrated thru his.

On a separate note... as I got into the car to go home, I had several missed calls. 2 from Edmond Schools. I got a call from Ed. Santa Fe about a Math position! Only thing... will DC let me out of my contract when we have to report on Monday?!?!?! That is in the works and I ask that everyone just pray for what's best. I'm excited that there is FINALLY an opportunity to be there... just hope it works out. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Daddy Day part 1

Today, Lindsay did not go to school... instead she went to breakfast with daddy, then went over to her grandma Morton's house to play. We had a great time at... you guessed it... McDonalds and then headed on over to grandma's. Lindsay had a great time and went to hide when daddy showed up to pick her up. She just didn't want to leave grandma's house. She cried and cried and talked about going back to grandma's, but we had lunch plans with mommy.
After lunch, we came home to take a nap... but Lindsay took her 20 minute nap on the way home and didn't go to sleep when we arrived. Oh oh... guess that means that she'll go to bed early tonight, huh? She watched tv all by herself for about 30 minutes in mommy and daddy's room.
Segue: After about 30 minutes... I hear the door close. Lindsay has shut the door and... LOCKED IT! I looked around for a key and tried to get her to unlock the door, but she just wouldn't do it. After getting a quarter out and unlocking the outside of the door, it opened. I have to tell you though, that there came a refreshing smell before the door opened. Lindsay had gotten a hold of Jeanise's "refreshing smell" auromatheropy lotion and had it all over her hands and belly. Said her "belly is all better now." Oh oh...
And just when you thought it was over... about 10 minutes after clean up... she came into the study and said "Daddy, I didn't do anything." :-) RED FLAG ALERT! When your kid strolls in and says that... what is going thru YOUR mind? Anyway... she had just knocked off her clock. FUnny moment and just a classic moment of what is YET to come.
Gotta run and check and see what she's in to now!