Wednesday, March 15, 2006


SPRING BREAK! I love it!

It's been nice being at home with Jeanise and the kids this week. It's only Wed. and... wait a minute... WEDNESDAY! IT'S 1/2 OVER! Oh well... I've been working on mowers for this season, playing around with Joel and Lindsay, gone out with the family to eat at Mazzio's (yum), worked out in the garage and yard some, watched some tv... Just trying to have a break, I guess. There are a few other things that I want/need to do before I get back to school, though. Guess it'll wait until later! :-)

I'll knock on wood now... knock, knock... LINDSAY SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT! WOO HOO! We put her to bed about 9:30 and she slept until 5:15. To us (mainly mommy) that's pretty good. She's such a cute little girl. She's going to be a laugher and a talker, I'm sure. She's always smiling and talking to her mobiles and toys. She also likes to check out what her brother Joel is doing too. Whenever they're in the room together and she hears him playing or doing something, she always wants to know what he's doing and watch. In the car, she's always watching him do... whatever he does back there. It's pretty funny.

Well... time to go get Joel out of "jail" as we call it... sounds like he's up and playing, so I'd better get him breakfast.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Getting Better...

Well... after about 2 weeks of fighting allergies/sinus infections, I'm finally feeling better. What started out as WONDERFUL Oklahoma allergies... ended up turning into a sinus infection. Great. And I think that it really started back when I wasn't doing well in our regional tournament finals for basketball. About 3 weeks ago. AH! Ain't OK great!?!?!? I stayed home from school a couple of Tuesdays ago... took some OTC stuff and thought I felt better. Only last Tuesday I had a 102 degree fever and decided to go in for "professional" help. The doctor gave me some really good drugs that cleared me up and got that battle going in my head for the sinus problem. After 5 days, I'm feeling a lot clearer... I like that. Hope that it stays that way for a while.

SPRING BREAK! I love it! Don't know what I'm going to do... don't know what's going to happen. I get to just let it happen. Nice. I get to spend some time at home with the wife and kids. That's nice. I'm excited about that.

GIRLS WIN STATE! Also... our high school girls team won the Class 4A State Champ gold ball this weekend with a 58-40 stomping over Ft. Gibson. It was so great to see our girls do well, after their disappointing ending last season. They've worked so hard this season on being a team, working together, and getting it done. We're proud of them!

OK... going to start that Spring Break now! Later!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Haven't posted in a while...

Well... let's see... where do I begin.

Last Saturday, was the last day of our basketball season. Our Varsity team finished at 11-15 and we lost in the Regional Finals by 12. The boys played really hard and finished the season by giving it their all and working hard. The 11-15 may not sound so great, but when they haven't won but 6 games MAX the last 3-4 years, that's a big deal. It's over...

... and baseball began Wed. for me. AH! Just a circle of life revolving here. Had a game on Sat. afternoon. My team lost 12-8, but for a first game and me not knowing a whole lot about the kids on my team, that was pretty good. We have another one tomorrow (monday) and we'll see how that goes. We play about 24-28 games total (including tournaments), with some of those getting cancelled for rain or other various reasons. And all of this goes until the end of April/beginning of May. Quick season, which really seems like forever (more for Jeanise than for me, I'm sure) :-)

Me, Joel, and Lindsay have all been sick the last couple of weeks. How Jeanise has been able to avoid it, I have no idea, but I'm not going to jynx her by mentioning it. OOPS! Joel is pretty much over it... I'm on the downhill (these OK allergies are KILLING ME! -- please pray for rain!) ... and Lindsay, poor girl, doesn't even know what hit her. But she's a trooper... she's still smiling and being her happy self. We're so lucky to have good kids.

Speaking of good kids... Joel has been in the tub for the last 20 minutes while I've been on the computer, so I'd better go check on him.