Saturday, September 20, 2008

Take me out the ball game...

Today, at Oklahoma Christian, was the baseball field dedication to long-time coach, teacher, AD, etc. of Max Dobson. Before the ceremony, we had an alumni game. There were about 40-50 alumni players in attendance... only about a handfull of us were after 1990, though. It was really a good day and to see all of those players that once put on the OC(C) uniform and represented the school on the field. I got to see a couple of people who I hadn't seen since 1991 or so, and also got to rub elbows with a lot of older guys who were catching up themselves.

On to the game... we all (the players) arrived around 9:30 to the field with the same question, "how is this going to work?" As we checked out the field and began to warm-up in left field, the current OC baseball players were in the practice tops and shorts watching us. "Are we going to play them?" We all thought. Once all of the alumni was in the dugout, Coach Chuck White asked US how we wanted to do it; just take batting practice or play. WE WANT TO PLAY! was the unanomous decision by all. OK... so where do we all play? Catchers? We have a few of those, great. Position players? We have those covered. What about the pitchers? We have a few. Since that was the only position I really ever TRUELY played at OC, I told Coach White that I could throw a few innings if there weren't enough to go around. I ended up throwing about 4 innings! It was a lot of fun, but took me about 10 pitches to even get into the catcher's glove. Haven't thrown a baseball since my last year at Deer Creek and that was just for batting practice. Needless to say, a lot of guys got some really good hits and impressed all of those families in the stands. It was a good day. If I ever get some pictures, I'll post them. I'm just thrilled that my arm isn't sore! Guess all of that working out I'm doing with the basketball team is paying off. OH! What about my lone at bat, you ask? I grounded into a double-play (I was really safe at first though). Enough of that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Tonight we went to a birthday party at the Edmond Bowling alley. Joel was doing well... and so was Lindsay... until... dum dum dah dum... Lindsay ate it. She was on the lower step and stepping up to the boards with her bowling ball and miss-stepped--landing lower-chin first on top of her ball. She had a pretty good sized gash on there and Jeanise and I had to take her to one of those pm doctors. They gave her 4 stitches and she was a real trooper. It hurt a little, but by the time we got dinner and got home, she had her second wind. She's ok, but it is still a bit sore.
She got her t-shirt a little bloody, and I think that she was more concerned with how "dirty" her t-shirt was than her "owwey".

Another one bites the dust

Well... Another week in the books. Think that we've been in school about 3.5 weeks now? It's been a pretty good year, so far, and I am slowly getting into the routine now. The biggest and hardest thing to change is the whole homework and discipline forms thing. In 11 years... teaching computers and business... I didn't give homework (really) because kids can't exactly take a computer home with them. Well, now I give homework just about every night and have to look it over and grade it all. Thank goodness I don't have more than about 18 in 2 classes (which that may all change in about 8 weeks when my classroom changes to the newer part of the building... thus a BIGGER room). I'm staying on top of it rather well... but the 3, 4, or 5 different detention, tutorial, after school study hall, lunch study hall, forms are enough for a guy to spin his head off of his shoulders. I figure that I'll get that down oh... in about another year!

This picture is a few months old... but I thought it was pretty cute. My mom dressed Joel up in my 5 year old Halloween costume (which is fitting, since he'll turn 5 in less than 1 month). Mom made my brother and I Batman and Robin costumes. We were so into that TV series and he's always been my favorite superhero. I think that Joel looks pretty good in blue...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


OKC THUNDER is what we are! The announcement came today in a press conference and the color-scheme is pretty cool. I like the thought that was put into it and the logo. Haven't seen the uniforms yet (aw...) but I hope that they're cool. I may just HAVE to get a jersey. Check out this video opening. It's THUNDEROUS! What do you think?