Monday, July 13, 2009

So sorry...

This was taken outside of our hotel the first night we were there. It was the GREEN building...

This is the 18th green at the TPC Course... it was really pretty...

This rainbow was in Alb., NM... It was so bright that you just WANTED to go look for the pot of gold.

This is the golf course in NM, where I played golf with John (Jeanise's brother). It was a really beautiful day.

This is "sports heaven". This was a lobby down in the MGM casino area. TV's EVERYWHERE... but they were mainly for betting on games. Got to watch the College WS and the Mets play at the same time. What more could you ask for?

This is Joel at ESF Basketball camp. He did so well at following directions and trying. He was the youngest kid there. The kid standing next to him actually lives in our neighborhood and we see him at the pool a lot. The kids and the players really did well with him. Check out that form!

The kids and I went on a bike ride in the spring (still wearing sweaters, go figure). A mommy duck and her ducklings were walking around and the kids followed. Pretty cute.

Well... they say that the first part is acceptance that you have a problem. Yes, ladies and gentlemen... I'm addicted to Facebook! I've been just posting and reading and catching up there, that I've neglected the faithful few (mainly just Shane and grandma) that continue to read my blog here.

Well... let's see, where to begin:
1. Jeanise and I took a trip for our 15th wedding anniversary to Las Vegas. Jeanise got a steal of a deal to stay at the MGM Grand for 2 nights and we just couldn't pass up the deal. So the kids stayed with her parents for 3 days and we took a trip to "sin city." We walked around 2 of the nights that we were there... and we even saw a show "Ka". It was a pretty neat night too, because it was their 25th anniversary (that night) and so we got to take an audience photo with red-Rudolph noses with the group. You couldn't see us, but it was pretty neat. On the second day, Jeanise had a 4 hour spa day, while I played golf at the TPC Las Vegas course. IT... WAS... FABULOUS! I felt like a pro... it was really neat and I got a great deal on a tee time and clubs that I rented there in Vegas. It was a wonderful break together and we had fun. Only bad thing was that it was just a bit... "uncomfortable"... for obvious reasons, but once you kept your eyes focused on where you wanted to go and the sites around you, it was fine. That place, though, is REALLY for a younger, fast-pace type of person... I think. It was good to say that I'd been there, but I wouldn't frequent there. Except for maybe to play golf and/or to go back to that casino, in old Vegas, where I started winning some money! :-P
2. Summer school started last week. I'm teaching Algebra 1 to 22 students from various schools. I'm actually some-what enjoying it and the pay isn't that bad either. Only go about 4.5 hours a day and it's 4 days a week. Not too shabby, really.

3. Kids are doing well. Joel is growing out of his clothes and we're having a tough time keeping up. He's excited about starting Kindergarten next fall and so are we. I'm personally anxious to see how well he does (or how smart he really is). Lindsay is really a cutie. She's a little me... little Ms. People-person. She loves to see her friends at school. Whenever I pick her up at school, she has about 4 or 5 other kids giving her hugs before she leaves. Teachers and kids like her... daddy likes to hear that.
4. I almost forgot! For those of you who know me REALLY WELL... you're not going to believe this. I'M LEARNING HOW TO PLAY THE ELECTRIC BASS! It's been a lot of fun learning (mainly the reason why I'm still up right now) and playing songs that I've been listening to for a long time. I've been working pretty hard at it for about 4 weeks. There are chord charts out there on the internet and I just play a long on the songs that I have at home. It's a ton of fun and I just KNOW that dad is going to have me playing some Bluegrass music one of these days... I finally can play an instrument and include myself in it.

Ok... since I was up WAY TOO LATE last night, I'd better post some pictures (if I can find them) & run.