Monday, March 26, 2007

I want a new drug... (not really, but it's the first thing that came to mind)

I borrowed, stole, took... etc. from another person's blog and thought it was funny:

The Three-Word Answer Meme:
01. Where is your cell phone? On the charger.
02. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Sleep with her... (for the last 12+ years)
03. Hair? Summer Hair do
04. Your mother? Loves her children
05. Your father? Very, very tall
06. Your favorite item(s)? Jeanise, Joel, Lindsay
07. Your dream last night? School and basketball
08. Your favorite drink? XL Mountain Dew
09. Your dream girl? Always been Jeanise
10. The room you are in? My hot study.
11. Your fear? Living by myself
12. What do you want to be in 10 years? Coaching and Teaching
13. Who did you hang out with last night? Same as 06
14. What are you not? Artistic, instrumental, creative
15. Are you in love? Absolutely, Yes, Si
16. One of your wish list items? An undefeated season
17. What time is it? 11:01 in Oklahoma.
18. The last thing you did? Watch the Apprentice
19. What are you wearing? Shorts and t-shirt
20. Your favorite book? Larry Bird's--Drive
21. The last thing you ate? I don't remember
22. Your life? Busy, busy, wonderful
23. Your mood? tired, sleepy, questionable
24. Your friends? Supportive, loyal, humorous
25. What are you thinking about right now? Bed and tomorrow
26. Your car? My black Avalanche
27. What are you doing at this moment? You haveta' ask (I stretched that one...)
28. Your summer? Basketball, mowing, hot
29. Your relationship status? Married 12 years.
30. What is on your TV screen? Nothing, black, light
31. When is the last time you laughed? At dinner time.
32. Last time you cried? Not real sure.
33. School? Really wanna' know?

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's been a long, long time comin' (I've got you...)

Ok... it's not a song title, but the first line in (I think) a BABYFACE song. It was just the first line I thought of. Has it really been almost a month?!?!?! WOW! Sorry to all of those who have been checking this blog, wondering if I was going to post something TODAY! Let me catch everyone up...

Basketball is again and now officially over. The state tournament was last weekend and it was fun. I took my team to the finals of the 6A Girls tournament because (dah dah DAH DAH!) we are the 5A Academic State Champions! Which means we may not have won the big game at the end, but we're smarter than any other team in Class 5A! It was pretty cool to accept that award. These girls work very hard on their grades and this was a great way to acknowledge that effort. It was over a 3.8! Pretty smart kids, if I do say so myself... The team that beat us in the first round, went on the final 4 of the tournament before getting beat. That made me feel pretty good, but know that we've got to really do some things different for next year.

I've been coaching JV baseball for about 3 weeks, I guess. We're doing alright, but now have a break while the Varsity travels to Gulf Shores, AL on a baseball trip. It's a good deal for them and I'm sure will be fun.

The kids are doing great... Lindsay is walking EVERYWHERE and stumbles every now and then. Joel loves this new Tickle Me Elmo doll that Jeanise found at Kohls. It's the funniest thing that I've ever seen... but rather annoying when it goes off for HOURS! The kids love to play together and go outside. It's a lot of fun to watch them grow up together and to play the way they do.

Well... I'm going to go into the living room now and start my SPRING BREAK! Sometimes, I love being a teacher! :-)