Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just the 4 of us...

Ah... family life is awesome! Can I just say that? I have a wonderful wife, who has been my best friend for 13 years... 1 1/2 of those, she was just making sure that I was worth it. :-) I have a 2 year old that thinks I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. He also has this thing that I'm the human jungle gym. It's great! And then there's my new little girl... she's so peaceful and beautiful! Can't even begin to talk about her. And then there's the grandparents... warm, loving, caring, families that support me and Jeanise in all of our endeavors. BTW... my parents are THRILLED to finally have a girl! They got one with Jeanise, but this is just different for them. It's great. God has really blessed me and I have so much to be thankful for.

Ok... so I have a joke... and believe it or not JEANISE ACTUALLY LAUGHED! Now it could have been the pain meds but it goes down in Mike's book as a memorable moment. I've been wrapping up Joel in a towel after baths and calling him my little "burrito." It's cute and he loves it. The other night, I'm swaddling Lindsay in her blanket and I called her my little "burrito", too. Then I stopped and looked at her and said... "you know, it's probably my little 'burritA", huh? You know... those whole mascolino y feminina things from Spanish 1 and 2. Won't my teachers be proud. Needless to say... Jeanise got a chuckle from it and that's all that matters! :-)

I'll get some pictures posted soon of our return to home! It's kinda' nice being at home... next week's going to be tough returning to school.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We're HERE!... just in time to go again...

Well... it's official... our little "family" isn't so little anymore... 'cause WE are now 4! (hey that rhymed) :-) Lindsay Jeanel (juh-nel) Morton was born this morning (11-15-05) at 8:00 am... now THAT'S punctual! She weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long. She has A LOT of hair and has the cutest little cry. She also looks a lot like her big brother did when he was born; although, he won't tell you that.

We had a great delivery (can you tell that this is coming from the "dad"?) and mother and baby are doing great. She's an angel and we have been so blessed by her already. Can you see the pants in my picture? Pretty funny huh? Reminds me of some of the kids that I taught in Putnam City Schools. Ha ha... I was just too lazy to pull those up until it was time.

Well... I'd better get to bed... we didn't sleep last night so I'm pretty tired. Here are a few pictures of the new addition.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Time's a tickin'...

It's so funny that when I started this "blog" thing that the theme of it would seem to continue post after post. Well... we're getting close to Lindsay coming into our world (although, she's been in Jeanise's world for almost 9 months). Tuesday's the day... and we have to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the am... ah! Drum roll please... Jeanise already has the hours countdown started... :-)

I'm off this week from work so that I can help out at home with Joel (mainly) and Jeanise and Lindsay too. But mainly it's Joel. He's going to be a great big-brother. I just know it.

No word on the job yet. Not even a peep... but I figure that God will let me know when it's time. Just have to wait for the moment to arrive and not stress out about it. I mean... talk about having a distraction from thinking about it, right? :-) Good distraction.

Ok... have to go finish a few things in Lindsay's room before I go to bed.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Countdown has commensed... we are now to single digits before we have Lindsay in the world. It's almost like the countdown you have as a child (or still as an adult, for some of us) waiting for Christmas or for that vacation that you just can't wait to go on. The funny thing is that in most things that you antisipate to come... seem to get there a lot quicker than you think. We've got her room done, her clothes ready to go, the car seat now has the little pink, head-thingy in it (thanks Jeanise), the double-seat stroller is in the bull-pen--ready to get into the game, the bottles are all washed and ready, my desk is cl... hold on there... my honey-do list is... hold there too... ANYWAY! we're really excited to see her. Jeanise is REALLY ready for this to happen. I've heard this analogy time and again, but I love it... it's like an alien has invaded your body! Well... when Lindsay gets the hickups, it really shows.

We had a nice weekend. Had Friday off, due to parent-teacher conferences earlier in the week. That was nice. It was also OC homecoming weekend. I got to see several people that I went to school with, along with many friends that I hadn't spoken to in so long. OC has really good teams this year and it'll be good to see them both play this year.

Well... the monster has awoke (is that REALLY a word?) and we now have to get ready for Bible Class! Joel just loves his class. You all have a great week!