Saturday, April 25, 2009


WOW! The Oklahoma weather is ridiculous this time of year. For the last several weeks, it's been nice... cold... nice... freezing/snow... hot... cold... hot... I mean COME ON! My flowers in the front flower beds that I planted during spring break are just in shock! The grass isn't sure what to do... come out, or go back to sleep?
Baseball is going well. We've been at it pretty hard since Spring break. There was a stretch there for a about 2 1/2 weeks where we played almost every night! That was tough... then came our 1 1/2 week layoff due to no games or cancellations because of weather. We're back on track, it seems, and we finish off next week with 4 games. NO WAIT! There's supposed to be rain in OKC for the next 10 days!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Guess that gives me more time at home, right? So there IS a bright side.
End of school is approaching... can you believe it? This has been a good year and I've thouroughly enjoyed my new school. Looks like I've got my June and July nailed down... June is basketball camps/leagues month... and July will be me teaching my first year of summer school. Not a bad deal, really.... hopefully it goes fast.

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