Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Long time... no update. In the "Facebook" times, it's tough to keep both of these up. However, after looking back to when I started filling this thing out, I felt compelled to press on and one day read all of these again from start to finish. I did that a while back ago and some of the memories were very good to reflect on... some... not so much.
It's been a very busy finish to 2009. I'm coaching the sophomores and helping with varsity girls basketball teams and (although fun) it's been taking a lot of time. Not as bad as it's about to turn on Monday; (gone 4-5 nights a week every week in January). School is going well and we're looking at starting Semester 2 the second week in January! My how time flies!
Jeanise has been keeping things going/running at Heartland Homes and still enjoys her job. She's also been staying pretty busy with managing the accounting "books" for the ROC Foundation for our missionary groups. It's a full-filling thing that she does for that ministry and she's pretty good at it.
Joel saw his 6th birthday this year... and LOVES school! He's going to be the "brain-child" I think. He loves to learn and is a geography nut (loves countries and drawing the states). He's in 1/2-day Kindergarten and just loves his teacher. When we bought a Wii for the family in October and a Nintendo DS for his birthday, he's been introduced to the "gaming" world. He's pretty good at playing games, and it's a nice time for he and I to conquer the Star Wars Legos galaxy (or Indiana Jones fantasies) together.
Lindsay saw her 4th birthday just a few months ago and it's hard to believe that she's just 4. She's a very spunky little girl and is a very cuddley little girl. Plainly put... she's a daddy's girl. She has to be with people... she LOVES her brother (which is very sweet)... and she's a pretty good singer (there's mom's influence).
All-in-all... we've had a pretty good year in the Morton household. We look for a lot of "growing" this year with the kids (and hopefully a lot of losing--pounds--from the rest of us). :-) God bless you all!

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